Etiquette Saint Louis is pleased to present: COTILLION SAINT LOUIS
    Kotil-yon. 1766 ad. French - The name of several dances, chiefly of French origin, consisting of a variety of steps.

Etiquette Lessons

Week I:First Impressions and what is etiquette? Body language.
Week II:Introductions, cellular telephones, telephone etiquette.
Week III:Grooming, appearance and modesty.
Week IV:Setting a table, party manners and social etiquette:being a host/hostess or guest
Week V:Table/Dining etiquette
Week VI:Five course formal dinner & dance party

Dance Lessons

Traditional beginning ballroom dancing: waltz, foxtrot, samba, etc.

In dance, there is an emphasis on a strong core, good posture and proper body alignment. Those dance skills translate to every day living in terms of focus, flexibility and balance. An experienced dancing professional will teach the dance lessons.

Manners in Motion Dinner: For an additional fee, your child can join their instructor for a Manners in Motion Dinner at an area restaurant. Your child will need to call in their RSVP for the dinner, dress appropriately and put all of their new-found dining skills into action.

Each child will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Cotillion.


Kids and Nice Places

Do not immediately provide entertainment for your child.  Give them a chance to learn the rules for behavior in a restaurant, church, movie theater, library, airplane etc.

People should not expect kids to be perfect.  Do not feel like you must always apologize ahead of time. If you deal with it, you do not need to apologize.

Headphones, headphones, headphones...... Please do not teach your child that it is ok to listen to the volume on a device in a public place without headphones. Manners mean thinking of others. Even young children can understand this.

Stay in seat (plane, restaurant, movie), say please and thank you, no means no.

Do not allow them to run around, make a mess or lean over tables or walls to view others eating or conducting business.

Keep in mind if you review the rules ahead of time they will be more prepared.



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